Keith Ellul

Since I can remember I have always been fascinated by the grandiosity of our planet and beyond, I am aware of how small we really are compared to the immense landscape that surrounds us. My only way to show appreciation is by using my photographic skill and capture the beauty that surrounds us, but not necessarily the way the eyes see. In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with stressful situations. Society has become loud, and life itself has become very fast, in this constant rush we almost forget to live and instead we go on with our lives on auto pilot. I often seek refuge in my photography to escape from the daily chaos. The aim of my photography is to transmit a sense of silence and stillness, that timeless feeling which cannot be captured with the naked eye. Almost as if I am trying to capture something which otherwise is invisible. Therefore, I don’t stop at just documenting the landscape, rather I try to interpret the scene in front of me and create an image which reflects my personal vision, this is what I call, creating an alternative reality, where I could escape briefly in meditation. A photograph can speak a thousand words, and it is not easy to transmit the intended feeling to the viewer, so my work is an invitation to the viewer, to step into the scene and experience it personally. I strongly believe that the artistic vision is not enough to capture all these emotions. The technical knowledge and the use of photographic equipment is essential in order to transform my vision to the final image on screen and finally a print. For this reason, I use photographic filters in order to create the mood I try to evoke. I am also a strong believer that in order to appreciate the final image, one must see his work printed; this gives a new definition to what had been envisioned.