Humanity at War: Reflections

9th JULY – 23rd JULY
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War and the Human Story: When do we learn?

Curatorial text

Documenting the tragedy of war and all the personal and collective trauma that ensues in its wake through powerful images are two photojournalists, Darrin Zammit Lupi and Heidi Levine.  They give us a timeless portrayal of human suffering as they capture the pain and anguish of a people forced into war. They make us LOOK at this phenomenon and see what we do not want to believe. Protected by the boundary of the image, our mind questions reality, doubts this uglification of human nature.

How can it be? When will we learn from our past and its endless cycles of war and terror? Do we have to keep re-enacting this violence against humanity?

Considering that these acts of war are shaping the world we live in today, Malta Enterprise is hosting an exhibition of photographic documentary work to sustain a dialogue that encourages awareness of issues surrounding war. People CONNECT to these visuals and ask questions…What if the fragile old lady fleeing her country, her village, her home, all that she holds dear and all that she is familiar with, is my mother or my grandmother? For it is through empathy and knowing that change is set in motion.

Darrin Zammit Lupi and Heidi Levine, met and developed a friendship because of all they share in common including a desire to overcome personal adversity and make use of their presence as photographers to be witness to human conflict.  Their courage to be participant in the events that shape our human narrative, where an image can tell the human story that marks our era, is inspiring to many.  

They present us with images from 6 wars. From the current wars in Ukraine and Syria to the ongoing flare ups in Libya and Gaza/Israel and to the recent wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, they document the impact of war on civilian life.  Heidi Levine’s images capture the horror and brutality of war; the violence, cruelty, depravity and the never-ending saga of losses that throw human beings into despair. In interviews last March/April with CNN and NBC news, Heidi Levine explains that she sees herself as a forensic photographer who investigates, uncovers and documents evidence which she hopes can be used in a criminal war case so that justice prevails.

Darrin Zammit Lupi presents a series of images that capture the poignancy of refugees fleeing from Ukraine as they cross the border by bus into Medyka or wait outside the train station in Przemyśl on the Poland-Ukraine border. Emotions revealed on their faces, capture the plight of their journey; from disbelief and relief to the common sorrow shared in an embrace as two friends are reunited.

These images are also testimony to the great acts of bravery and resilience that come to light during war. Humans thrive on HOPE. To live in peace is the greatest security. How can we look forward in a world where safety and peace are threatened? Heidi Levine explains how she is exposed emotionally to the suffering she witnesses daily;

If people ever imagine that photojournalists or anyone documenting this conflict, or any other conflict are shielded by our lenses, it’s untrue. We feel very emotional and help; stopping, putting down our camera and crying with people. People are sometimes just reaching out and hugging me and it’s really nothing that I have experienced before.

Interview on the 17 and 18th March with CNN, NBC news 16th April

Photojournalists such a Heidi Levine and Darrin Zammit Lupi live to pass on this hope to the next generation. This will be their legacy to the world.

July 9 @ 09:00 — July 23 @ 20:00
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