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The Pandemic – Survival, Art & New Action

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Humanity At War: Reflections

Kurt Farrugia

Corporate Social Responsibility – a key contributor to economic growth

“As the economic government agency of the Maltese Government, we take great pride in our corporate social responsibility. We are highly committed to create events that can truly give back to our community. Through our CSR initiatives, we believe that we can contribute actively to drive further the development and wellbeing of our society at large.

Our motivation is simply a desire to create a positive change, rooted in our values to support all our employees, our customers, our stakeholders and our community. We want to create awareness of social challenges on real issues impacting our society and through our CSR outreach we are facilitating a rich exchange through our entrepreneurial spirit. This is the spirit and drive of our people and culture. This is Malta Enterprise”.

Kurt Farrugia
CEO, Malta Enterprise

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Giving back to the community is at heart of our organisation. This is a sneak peak into our previous CSR events. If you would like to organise an initiative with us contact us on