The Pandemic – Survival, Art & New Action
Pandemic: Survival, Art and New Action is a collective exhibition that investigates the contemporary phenomenon affecting our lives today. By bringing together this wealth of artistic experiences, we are inviting people to transcend the mundane pandemic dynamics and acknowledge the call for change that it brings with it.

The name of the exhibition captures its essence because the word Art actually sits between Survival and New Action – the former implying a passivity and reticence to live the uncertainty day by day whilst the latter pushes us to adapt through action and a new vision. In the inaction implied by Survival there is a desire for a projection into the unknown. Somewhere along this trajectory lies the production of art.

A number of artists and their work are being exhibited both in the atrium at Malta Enterprise and on this digital platform.  An extensive selection of visual art processes including photography, digital art, painting, drawing, etching, woodcut & lino print to ceramic & bronze sculpture, work cohesively to tell a story, one that narrates the need to live through this reality and create artworks that are a testimony to this very peculiar turn of 21st century events.

December 3 @ 09:00
09:00 — 02:30 (17h 30′)

Malta Enterprise Head Office

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